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Friday, 9 September 2016

Albukhary Scholarship Programme 2016

| Friday, 9 September 2016

Albukhary Scholarship Programme 2016

Albukhary Scholarship Programme 2016

The Albukhary Scholarship Programme 2016 offers opportunities for bright, high-achieving and underprivileged individuals from around the world to pursue undergraduate studies at Albukhary International University. The programme will nurture our scholars as the next corps of responsible future leaders that will shape nation building.

The Albukhary Scholarship Programme comprises of the following scheme:
1. Albukhary Equity Scholarship
2. Refugee Education Dream (RED) Scholarship
3. Regional Awards
4. Leadership, Academic and Service Excellence Awards
5. Campus Residence Grant

However, application is now open for Albukhary Equity Scholarship and Refugee Education Dream (RED) Scholarship only.

The objectives of the Albukhary Scholarship Programme (ABSP) 2016 are to:  
1. Grooming corps of responsible future leaders to shape nation building
2. Advancing AIU as world class university Information
1. Application is free of charge and open to ALL. If you are required to pay in order to apply, please contact us at
2. Scholarship recipients must be enrolled at AIU as in-campus full-time students.
3. Selection for scholarships is based on excellent academic and underprivileged family background.
4. This form should be completed by the applicant him/herself and duly signed by him/her. The Albukhary Foundation reserves the rights to reject any application that is completed by agent or any another party representing the applicant.
5. The completed form must be submitted together with all supporting documents required. The Albukhary Foundation reserves the rights not to process or reject incomplete application.
6. Applicant is required to submit his/her own email address in order to facilitate communications on the application from the Albukhary Foundation.

Being eligible does not guarantee a Scholarship
1. It is important to note that meeting the scholarship eligibility criteria does not assure that
scholarship will be awarded. There are limited number of Albukhary Scholarships and there
are more applicants than scholarships.
2. As part of a competitive application process, applicants are ranked against the eligibility
criteria of the Albukhary Foundation to applicants who best meet the eligibility criteria. If your
application is not successful it does not mean that you are not in need; rather it means that
there are other applicants who have been assessed as being in greater need.

For more information on the scholarships and application procedures please visit Albukhary Foundation website at here

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