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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Sunway Music Talent Scholarship 2016

| Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Sunway Music Talent Scholarship 2016

Sunway Music Talent Scholarship 2016

Sunway Music Talent Scholarship 2016 is awarded to students with outstanding music achievements
25%-75% scholarship for Pre-University/ Foundation & Professional Accounting programmes
Note: Scholarship quantum will be deducted from the tuition fee

1. Malaysian or International students studying full-time in Sunway College
2. Candidate with relevant background as below may apply:
* Music background (minimum Grade 6 or played in the school bands) that falls under these categories:
- String Instruments (piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass etc)
- Wind Instruments (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone etc)
- Brass Instruments (trumpet, trombone, tuba etc)
- Percussion Instruments (drum, cymbal, xylophone, marimba, triangle, bells, tambourine, wood block etc)
* Singing background or joined the school choir
3. Shortlisted candidates are required to attend live audition playing 2 music pieces of different styles.
4. The shortlisting for the audition is based on the submission of video clip. For further information, please refer to the shortlisting criteria below.

Shortlisting Criteria
1. Submit a video clip of the music category applied. The video clip can be recorded with handphone/camera/video camera. It does not need to be professionally done.
2. Upload the video to YouTube and send the link to
* For Instrument
- If you play more than one instrument (e.g. piano and violin), submit the video clip for both instruments.
- The selected song needs to be on par with your grade level e.g. if you are a Grade 8 violinist, please choose a song that is at Grade 8 level.
* For Vocal
You may submit one song in any language of your choice. It has to be with accompaniment.

Terms and Conditions

1. It is compulsory for the recipient to perform a minimum of 6 scheduled performances per year as and when required by Sunway College.
2. The disbursement of Scholarship will be implemented in the second semester of the programme. Any excess amount paid in the first semester will be reimbursed upon successful completion of the programme.
3. The recipients should at least pass with minimum grade required by the respective programme.
4. Recipients are required to reapply for the continuation of the scholarship through Student Services Department on a yearly basis.

For more information on the scholarships and application procedures please visit Sunway College website at here

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