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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Saint Martins University Financial Aid 2016

| Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Saint Martins University Financial Aid 2016

Saint Martins University Financial Aid 2016

Understanding and applying for financial aid 2016 can be overwhelming. We strive to ease this process through empathetic and reverent counsel to our students and their families in regards to their financial education concerns, inquiries, or limitations. At Saint Martin's we are committed to supporting your academic journey through financing assistance and support.
About financial aid
Financial aid is any type of funding that helps you pay for college. Funding is divided into two categories and you may receive funding from four sources.

1. Gift aid
Gift aid* includes grants and scholarships — any funding that Does Not need to be repaid.

2. Self-help
Self-help aid includes loans — any funding that Requires repayment — and student employment (work study, assistantships, etc.)

1. Institutional
Funding from the college or university. At Saint Martin's this includes (but is not limited to) Merit Awards, the Benedictine Scholars Scholarship, departmental awards and work study.
2. Federal
Funding from the United States federal government.
3. State
Funding from Washington State.
4. Private
Funding from private corporations or organizations.

*Saint Martin's University strives to award as much gift aid as possible from our federal, state, institutional, and private donors; however, we strongly encourage our students to continue to seek out private scholarships to apply to their educational costs.

For more information on the scholarships and application procedures please visit Saint Martin's University website at here

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