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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

KDU University College Penang Scholarhips Award 2016

| Tuesday, 1 December 2015

For years, KDU University College Penang has been giving out scholarships to deserving students who excel in their studies. In 2016, various types of scholarships as well as academic grants are offered to benefit its students. Have you figured out the right one for you?

Biasiswa KDU Scholarships 2016

KDU Pre-U and Diploma Scholarahips 2016

KDU Scholarships 2016 Degree Programme

Register by 20th Dec 2015 to enjoy RM2,000 Early Bird Promotion!*

5&6 dec 2015

12 & 13, 19 & 20 Dec 2015

Scholarship Briefing
12 & 19 DEC 2015 3pm.

High Achiever Scholarship.
The scholarship name speaks for itself; it is open for Pre-University and Diploma students with outstanding SPM, IB (MYP) and O-level results. There are no stringent conditions for the applicants except to maintain good behaviour and a CGPA of 2.00 throughout the duration of studies. An A grade is regardless of whether it is a “A+“, “A" and “A-" and that is a plus point compared to other scholarship offerings.

Bursary Award
Similar to High Achiever's Scholarship, Bursary Award is granted to students with good results. Students who apply for this Scholarship are required to have 3A’s to 7A’s in their 2015 SPM or 2A’s to 3A’s in the O-level examination or IB (MYP) 30 points to 36 points.

Degree Programme Scholarship

The scholarship is awarded based on student’s latest A-level, UEC, STPM, IB Diploma, Foundation and Diploma results as well as other equivalent qualifications score. Students who qualify could receive up to 50% tuition fee waiver.

Suria Bursary Grant
The Bursary Grant is open to qualified and deserving Bumiputera students. it covers up to 30% tuition fee waiver.

Sports Scholarship
This is open to all national and state level athletes applying for KDU Diploma and Degree programmes. State athelete is entitled for up to 50% tuition fee waiver and national athelete up to 100% tuition fee waiver.

Merit Scholarship
Specially catered for KDU students who have outstanding results (GPA 2 3.8) in their previous semester, exemplary records in extra curricular activities and a good attitude. The scholarship award is subject to recommendation by student’s respective Academic Department Head and shortlisted applicants are
required to attend an interview.

International Bursary Award
Foreign students who enrol in KDU Diploma and Degree programmes with excellent results are eligible for scholarships as well. This is only applicable to students from selected ASIAN countries which covers up to 80%
tuition fee waiver.

Teacher’s Child and Sibling Financial Aid

A 20% tuition fee waiver is applicable to all government, private or Chinese Independent Primary and Secondary School Principals / Deputy Principals / Counsellors Teachers who enrol their children and sibling into KDU programmes (excluding short courses).

Student Leadership
This is open to chairperson or president of school club, society, uniform unit and school head prefects. Qualified candidates are entitled for a scholarship award of RM 2,000 on tuition fee waiver.

KDU Aim Bursary
Students who meet the criteria to enrol into Information Technology, Engineering, Design or Mass Communication programmes will be granted a 10% tuition fee waiver. UEC Bursary

UEC Bursary is applicable to all UEC students who enrolled into KDU programmes. Applicants will be entitled for a 10% tuition fee waiver.

Other discounts and installment scheme are available!

So, wait no more! Call KDU University College Penang at 04-2386368 to find out more details on our next programme intake and information on our scholarships.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

KDU University College (PG) Sdn Bhd
32. Jalan Anson,
10400 Penang, Malaysia.
T+6042386368 F+6042280054

KDU University College Penang

KDU Ipoh Recruitment Centre
1st Floor, No. 3,
Jalan Date Tahwil Azar,
30300 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
T +605 2414211 F +604228 0054

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