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Garden International School Scholarship 2017

Garden International School Scholarship 2017

Garden International School Scholarship 2017

Garden International School is proud to offer a range of scholarships 2017 to deserving students who can develop their skills effectively and contribute at a high level in the school community. The aim of the programme is to ensure students deserving of an outstanding education are not constrained by financial considerations. It is our commitment to encourage and motivate you to strive for excellence!

Scholarships For admission into
Year 10 in August 2017

28th February 2017 A maximum of 6 scholarships will be awarded to students who can demonstrate significant excellence in Arts or Sports. The scholarship awards will represent a 50% reduction in Tuition and Technology fee, and a waiver of the Application and Registration fee.

Each successful student is eligible to receive one scholarship per academic year. It is anticipated that the scholarship will be renewed each year, subject to excellent academic performance, until the student graduates from GIS at the end of Year 13. The renewal is subject to excellent academic performance and continued contribution in Arts and/or Sports at an extremely high level.

The scholarship committee will interview the candidates and meet to determine the final scholarship awards.

For more information on the scholarships and application procedures please visit Garden International School website at here
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