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Monash University Malaysia Scholarship 2016

Monash University Malaysia Scholarship 2016

Monash University Malaysia Scholarship 2016

Bachelor of Psychological Science Bursaries 2016
For Bachelor of Psychological Science at Monash University Malaysia (full time study only).

Applicants must meet the minimum admission requirements (academic and English language proficiency) for the course.

RM3,500 tuition fee waiver per semester. A total of RM21,000 for three years of study in Monash University Malaysia.

How to apply
An application for Admission to the University will constitute an application for a scholarship. All applications for Admission consistent with the eligibility and selection criteria will be considered automatically for a scholarship. All successful candidates will be offered a Scholarship along with the Offer of Admission to Monash University Malaysia.

If you are eligible, you will receive notice of the scholarship when you receive your letter of offer.  To accept the scholarship, you must follow the steps below before the lapse date that is specified in your letter of offer.

1. Accept the offer to study at Monash University Malaysia, making sure you have completed all the relevant forms.  For information accept an offer can click here
2. Complete the Scholarship Acknowledgement Form Which Can Be Click at Here 3. Submit the forms to:

Admissions Office
Monash University Malaysia
Building 2, Level 1
Jalan Lagoon Selatan
47500 Bandar Sunway
Selangor Darul Ehsan

For more information on the scholarships and application procedures please visit Monash University Malaysia website at here
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